Germany Education Vs American Education

Below, I included a graphic to provide an overview of the German educational system. This comparison between the German and the US .Conclusion. There is quite a vast difference between German schools and U.S. schools. There seems to be a lot more options in terms of life directions that one can go in Germany, but the decision for where the student ends up is made very early leaving little room for students to work on their academics and learn more..American secondary and university students in northern Minnesota to the education system of Germany by way of comparison with their own more familiar .Get a full comparison between Germany vs United States, based on Education information. Gather all the stats about Average years of schooling of adults and .Comparison and contrast of schools in America and Germany on praise on the utopian education system in Finland while throwing fifty .CIEE Council On International Educational Exchange Fore St. Portland, ME . Phone .School is basically about education and helping students to prepare for life after school. But there are still some differences from school to .

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