Educational Management: Aims and Scope

Education management is a process that needs to be applied in the world of education so that the goals of education can be achieved. Management is a process of planning, and controlling resources to produce something effective. If linked in the world of education, then the ultimate goal is in education. management will shape the education to be more directed so that the results will be better. For more details, the following discussion.

Definition of Educational Management

Understanding education management is a process of planning, organizing, implementing and controlling in managing resources where it can be in the form of man, money, materials, methods, machines, markets, and everything else to achieve an effective and efficient educational goal. To realize this certainly requires a careful design and planning in advance. That is what is called management.

In line with the above understanding, education management is the process of planning, conducting organizations to lead and to control. Because this management is carried out in the world of education, the focus is carried out by educators and the resources of education itself to achieve educational goals.

The experts put forward various notions of educational management, but the core of the explanation is the same, namely the organization of education which includes all elements of education. The end result is the achievement of an expected educational goal.

Educational Management Objectives

It has been repeatedly mentioned in previous subtitles that the management of education is to achieve goals. Then what are these goals? The goal of education management is the creation of equitable, quality, relevant and accountable educational planning, an increase in the positive image of education, topping the quality of education due to quality problems caused by its management.

In addition, the aim is the realization of an atmosphere of learning and an active, creative and effective learning process so that a learning process that is fun and meaningful for students and educators will be produced. Not only that, this objective also includes identification of weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats in planning. So everything that is like that will also be identified by the management of education.

Another goal is the creation of students who are active in developing their potential to have religious spiritual strength, self-control, intelligence, noble morals, and the skills needed by themselves. Thus, the child will be useful in society, nation and country. So, education management is important to implement.

Educational Management Scope

The scope of education management is divided into 4 things, namely the scope according to the work area, the scope according to the object of work, the scope according to the function or sequence of activities and according to the implementer. For the first scope, it covers the management of education in the state, education management in one province, one district / city, work units and class management. This class management is the core of an education management, because in the classroom the teaching process takes place.

The scope according to the arable object includes; student management, school personnel, curriculum, facilities / materials, budget, governance, public relations and educational communication. While the scope according to the function / sequence of activities or also called administrative management includes planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, communicating and evaluating.

Definition of education management

Finally, the scope of education management according to the executor. In this case the teacher as the executor acts as the manager of the class he leads. So everything is organized and well organized to achieve a class goal and student success.

Educational management is closely related to ISO 21001, the Educational Organization Management System, which is an international standard that was just published in May 2018. This ISO 21001 standard applies to every organization that provides educational services such as schools, universities, to courses and training institutions work coaching.