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Education in France. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. France s education system. Education .Education System. The French academic school year runs from September until June. Examinations are typically offered in June, with a second .Education is compulsory in France from the ages of , but a large majority of children start school well before the minimum age, often as young as two years .After nursery school or kindergarten ecole maternelle , which is optional, the French compulsory education system is divided into three stages or cycles primary school ecole middle school college high school lycee .The French education system. It is compulsory for all children resident in France to attend school between the ages of six and , with French education being .Employment, Special information and issues relating to everyday life French educational system School education is compulsory for children aged .School education in France is highly structured and state controlled through the ministry of education, although some private schools do exist, many of which are .

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